How Are You Still Single?

Southern culture has created many expectations for dating and marriage. If you grew up in the south, you have probably heard the phrase “I went to college to get my Mrs. degree.” So often, many of us assume that we will meet the man or woman of our dreams in college and finish our degree with a future spouse. This is the story for some of us. For others that isn’t our story.

Being a postgraduate single trying to date into today’s millennial culture brings about many challenges. One of the challenges is the questions and statements that well-meaning friends say to us as the singles.

Have you ever been asked the question “Why are you still single?” How exactly do we answer this question? We all know that this question is intended to be a compliment. However, the problem with this question is that it implies that you should not “still” be single if you are a normal, cool, marrying-aged person. It makes you feel like you have to defend or provide explanations for your singleness.

Even the healthiest single can experience insecurities about their singleness after hearing this question.

If you find yourself experiencing difficulty answering this question, and would like to discuss ways to confidently answer and maintain a healthy view of self, please consider joining us for “Wholehearted Dating!”

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Kim DeRamus, LPC

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