How Does a Nutritionist Work with Counseling?

Do you find yourself rushed and reaching for the nearest and quickest food to feed yourself and your family?  We all balance many things during the week, and sometimes our nutrition gets put on the back burner.

Food provides essential nutrients that contribute to our overall physical health, brain functioning, and mental well-being.

How does a nutritionist work with counseling? As a therapist who works with new mothers, as well as clients struggling with eating disorders, it is important for me to have a nutritionist who can work with my client’s diet needs, in order to provide holistic care and optimal health. Food can be used to self-soothe, or as a coping skill. I like to focus on the emotions underneath the need to numb or self-soothe, while Atlanta nutritionist and wellness coach Virginia Reddick focuses on getting her clients’ bodies healthy so that they can perform their best. Together we collaborate to help clients become healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Finding someone who will tailor their approach to your specific tastes and preferences can be a challenge.  At Grow Counseling, we choose to partner with Virginia Reddick. We love Virginia because she listens to each client’s goals, whether they are an athlete and want to learn how to properly fuel their body for optimal endurance and performance, or they are a new mom, trying to balance a busy lifestyle and a newborn baby.  You can find more about her here.

She also has a great blog with many informative articles that promote optimal health and nutrition. Not only does she have great information on her blog, but if you are lucky, you will even come across a cherished recipe that is quick, easy, and nutritious.

We love to partner with Virginia Reddick.  She specializes in working with clients who want to achieve efficient energy, weight management, sports nutrition, and even nutrition for moms on-the-go.  Virginia Reddick will work with you to help provide you with the tools and information for you to fuel yourself in an efficient and healthy manner.


Chelsey Beauchamp, MS

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