The Importance of Family in Eating Disorder Recovery

Family plays such an important role in eating disorder recovery. While it is ultimately the responsibility of your loved one to work towards recovery, the family members of someone with an eating disorder can help create a safe environment for their loved one to pursue recovery. 

It is common for family members to feel like they do not know how to talk to their loved one about their eating disorder.

The best way to approach conversations about eating disorders with your loved one is with kindness and sensitivity. It is also important for family members not to minimize or deny there is a problem. Eating disorders can be deadly, so it is crucial that they are taken seriously. 

Your loved one is likely experiencing a lot of shame around their body and/or their eating disorder. Because of this, it is helpful for them to know that you do not blame them for their eating disorder. It is also helpful not to directly comment on the appearance of your loved one, even if it is meant to be a compliment.

Eating disorders rarely resolve on their own, so it is important for your loved one to pursue professional help. Recovery from an eating disorder takes time, and the journey is not linear.

The best thing you can do for your loved one is to let them know that they do not have to face this alone.

Written by: Elizabeth Kraich