Increasing Intimacy: Physical Touch


Physical touch is a language that most people around the world use and understand. Many people use it to convey emotion like affection, love, lust, anger, fear, and a number of other emotions.  In many strong relationships, couples remember the little things that are important to their significant other.

Physical touch is often a form of communication and a path to greater connection.

Often times, people will attribute physical touch with sex. However, it is more about establishing the emotional connection. Here are some positive benefits:

  • Builds Intimacy
  • Promotes Comfort
  • Aids in communication
  • Has tremendous health benefits

Sexual physical touch can increase closeness and intimacy levels, but often the non-sexual equivalent is just as important in creating deep connections. Holding hands, a quick hug or a pat on the shoulder are actions that send a message to your partner. They send a message of love, gratitude, and affection without having to verbalize it.

It is important to practice each other’s love language in order to let them know that they are important to you. Practicing each other’s love language can lead to a deeper connection and a stronger, healthier relationship.

 Written By: Chelsey Beauchamp, MS