Self-Care for Introverts

If you are an introvert, you know that sometimes you can become socially exhausted. Friends and family who are more extroverted may not be aware of how social situations can drain you. Because of this, it is good to learn how to advocate for yourself.

Here are some helpful things you can do to prioritize your self-care:

  • Communicate about your introversion – Remind the people in your life that you may be different from them. It helps to let them know that when you need time alone it is not because you want to be away from them; it is because that is how you have to recharge. This will help them understand that it is not personal. Also, talking about this upfront will help them to be understanding when you need to be alone.
  • Ask for what you need – When you notice that your social tank is getting low, go ahead and give yourself some time to recharge. If you wait until your tank is empty, you are more likely to snap or feel panicked. So, tell your friends and family that you need a few minutes before you get to that point.
  • Plan ahead – When you know you are going to be in a situation when you could become socially exhausted, go ahead and think about what you are going to need to be ok during that time. For example, maybe you need to schedule a day to recover after a party. Or maybe you need to have a plan to step away when you know you are going to be around others for an extended period of time.

Written by: Elizabeth Curlee