A Lesson In The Art Of Apologizing

In a related blog, we talked about how to complain effectively. In this blog, we are going to explore the other side of the coin – apologizing

When we apologize poorly, it often creates barriers that keep us from making necessary repairs with those we love or care about. Over time these barriers grow larger and keep communication stifled and connections severed. For many people, it can be a challenge to take responsibility for a mistake without getting defensive. If you happen to be an agreeable person, you might apologize to keep the peace. Both of these kinds of apologies tend to backfire and leave everyone frustrated in the long run. 

Apologizing effectively in relationships is an art form. Whether you’re looking for resources for your marriage, dating, or family relationship, I recommend checking out Brene’ Brown and Harriet Lerner on How To Apologize & Why It Matters, Parts 1&2.

These podcasts cover how to apologize effectively in many types of relationships that allow everyone to win!

Written by: Dustin Ellis