Let’s Get Outside!

Spring is here! The weather is getting warmer, things are turning green again, and it is time to get outside.

Playing outside, no matter your age, can help stimulate cognitive functioning, foster resilience, release endorphins, and increase an appreciation for nature. 

In an American Psychological Association article, Harvard University biologist, Edward O. Wilson, PhD, introduced his theory of biophilia, where he found that “humans have an innate affinity for the natural world.” Since his discovery, there have been multiple longitudinal studies about the importance of connecting with nature in order to combat obesity and decrease screen time. 

Sometimes parents struggle, though, to get their children motivated to go outside.

So what’s the trick to get your family outside? Here are some quick tips for engaging more in the outdoors, no matter the temperature!

  • Fight the resistance
  • Create an outdoor habit
  • Bring the inside out
  • Add more adventure 

Encouraging “outdoor activity is mentally healthy and crucial,” according to Heather E. Swartz with National Geographic. In order to find a new pace as we see signs of Spring, take steps to commit to playing outside in the great outdoors! 

Written by: Lisa Miller