Life after College Graduation – Part 3

In our last blog, we explored the idea that the lifestyle you developed in college may not be attainable in your new adulting life. The emotions associated with this revelation may flow through anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness and depression.

So where can you go for the support you need to work through these emotions?

You can sometimes talk to a trusted friend or parent about your feelings. But if these feelings interrupt your daily living, you realize you prefer to be isolated or no longer enjoy hobbies or activities you once enjoyed, it may be time to reach out to a professional counselor. 

Realizing life is going to be different after college graduation, even if you go back home, can be an unsettling discovery.

After graduation, you may have left the routine of seeing friends on a daily basis. The new reality may be that you aren’t around college friends at all anymore. If you move back home, you may also discover the high school friends you anticipated a reunion with are also unavailable or have moved away. 

So where do you meet new friends? 

Perhaps for the first time, you are being thrust into making friends through intention instead of proximity. To get the proverbial ball rolling, I’m offering a few suggestions: Leisure sports, recreational sport leagues, art classes, dance classes, join a gym, religious congregations, churches, professional groups, business after hours gatherings, hobby groups, and meet-up groups.

Of course there are more random ways to meet and make new friends – you can strike up a conversation with new coworkers or chat up the barista at your local Starbucks. You just never know!

Written by: Allison Wray

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