A Meditation for Self Love

Guided or written meditations are a great tool for healthy coping with negative thoughts. The idea behind guided meditations is to reinforce positive beliefs and set your mind at peace by reflecting on things you know are true or wish to believe.

Trauma and other external influences can oftentimes warp our view of ourselves into something that degrades our self worth rather than building it up. 

Taking a few minutes a day to speak or listen to a meditation may be really helpful in times of low self-esteem, stress, depression, anxiety, and other low moods. 

When you’ve been telling yourself negative messages for a long time, it can be hard to believe in the more positive messages and may seem awkward to say to yourself. That’s okay!

The more you say these positive truths, the more likely you are to believe them and less likely to believe the negative messages that may be contributing to your unhealthy beliefs about yourself. 

Dr. Hillary McBride is a therapist, speaker, researcher, and writer based out of Vancouver, BC. She has written a meditation called “You Are Good”, which she suggests reading out loud to yourself in order to evoke self-acceptance and self-love. This mediation uses simple words to convey a powerful message that resonates with most people regardless of circumstance, demographic, or beliefs. 

I encourage you to read Dr. Hillary McBride’s meditation below in a quiet moment, and notice how it feels. May it bring you peace and a little more self-love today. 

Here are some things I know are true:

You are good

You have always been good

Right from the beginning

I’m sorry that anyone told you otherwise

This breath

This head

These hands

This love

Those feet 

That smile

Your ears

This heart

This breath (audible breath)

This breath

Good. all good. So. so. so good.

You are loved

You are so loved

You are lovable

You have been working so hard

I don’t have to know how to know that it’s true

You are precious

You are not a mistake. 

You are so on purpose

You are not broken

You never were

I’m sorry that you might have thought that

I’m sorry anyone might have made you think that

You are enough

You are so so enough

You do not have to earn your enough-ness

You do not have to grovel for value, for love, for goodness

You already have it

You already are it

You are loved

You are love

You are love

You are love

Written By: Megan Rainey