Mental Health Benefits of Talking to Yourself

talking to yourself

Have you ever wondered why we talk to ourselves and what it does for us? Well, recent studies indicate that talking to ourselves is both normal and may benefit our mental health.

Dr. Jessica Nicolosi, a clinical psychologist, offers an explanation as to why we may feel inclined to talk aloud to ourselves. She indicates that when we experience an emotion, such as anger or fear, we then feel the urge to talk aloud.

For example, envision yourself preparing for an important interview. You may feel anxious, worried, or excited and find you begin talking aloud, perhaps reviewing what you may say to the interviewer. This can benefit your mental health by providing you time to process your feelings and collect your thoughts.

Talking to yourself is not limited to preparing for an important event or meeting, however. You may notice you talk to yourself during mundane moments, such as trying to find a misplaced item.

Talking aloud can benefit mental health because it allows us to slow our thoughts and encourages us to process how we feel before acting. It is important that we strive to talk to ourselves in a kind, positive manner rather than a negative manner. When we kindly talk to ourselves, it can have a positive impact on our self-esteem and beliefs about our self-worth.

Go ahead – talk to yourself, cheer yourself on, and allow yourself to experience the benefit it can have on your mental well-being.

The bottom line is talking to ourselves is normal and more common than we may think.

Written by: Mary Anne Sylvester