Preparing Emotionally for Moving Long-Distance


While moving to a new home, city or country can be exciting, it can also bring on a whirlwind of feelings. Accepting the changes that come from uprooting your entire life can be overwhelming.

It’s not unusual to experience sadness, uncertainty, fear, hopefulness, happiness, and frustration when moving long-distance.

So how do you cope with some of these emotions that are common during a long-distance move?

  • Plan Ahead, Don’t delay. In order to make the moving process as pain-free as possible, it is imperative that you begin your preparations as much in advance as possible. Allow yourself ample time to organize every aspect of your relocation without feeling pressured or under limited time constraints.
  • Focus on the Positive. You may feel conflicted about the decision that led up to your move, making it easy to dwell on the negative aspects. This may be particularly true if your significant other has been transferred to a new city by their employer, and you are moving against your wishes. Honor those feelings and also be optimistic. Consider the good things that could come from this new journey. It could serve as a character building opportunity that you hadn’t expected.
  • Say Goodbye. Make sure to give yourself sufficient time to say goodbye to everyone and everything you love about your hometown. This could be planning a special gathering with friends and family, visiting your favorite restaurant, parks, and other significant places before you leave.
  • Make Plans For Your New Life. Get excited about your new life! The more you envision what your new life will be like in a positive way, the more excited you will begin to become. Explore interesting and fun things in the town that awaits you.
  • Ask For Help. Planning and executing a move can be emotionally and physically draining. Asking for the assistance and support of your close friends and family is a great way to lighten the load.

Written By: Michelle Rathburn, MSMFT

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