Music and Your Mental Health

music and your mental health

Music tells stories and how music has a way of making you feel not so alone in the world. Have you ever thought about the correlation between music and your mental health?

Music can reduce stress. Research supports this claim and has shown to have an impact on the autonomic nervous system. 

Music can improve your mood. Whether that’s jamming out to your favorite T-Swift song or song from your favorite musical, music can make you feel alert, happy and energetic. 

Music can help with focusing. Studies show that music can help improve cognitive performance. Next time you’re trying to complete a task, turn on an instrumental track for a boost in your mental performance. 

Music can help you feel socially connected. Music connects us. Whether it is meeting someone at a concert who also loves the same band as you or sharing playlists with friends, music brings us together. 

Written by:Brenley Wiley

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