Music and Influence: “Boomerang” by Jojo Siwa


It can be difficult to find positive messages and role models for kids today. They’re bombarded by social media and celebrities, so it is refreshing to find someone in their peer group creating catchy music and videos that also send a message of inclusion, acceptance, and self-confidence.

Check out the video of Jojo Siwa’s song “Boomerang” with your elementary or early middle school-aged child, and see what they think!

We’ve included some discussion questions below to get the conversation started.

  • Who did you identify with in the video? The main group, the “shy girl,” the “mean girls,” or other members of the class?  What is it like in your class?
  • What do you think the line, “Talk to the phone like they’re all alone, hide behind the screen cause they’re just so mean,” is saying?
  • At the end of the video when they all joined together, what do you think was happening?

Written By: Molly Halbrooks, LAMFT