New Ideas for Resolutions


It can be easy to get stuck in the same routine where you make the same resolutions year after year.  I can’t count the number of times I have promised myself to drink less caffeine!  If you have tried the same few resolutions each year, why not try something different this year?

Here are a few unique resolutions to get this new year moving along in a fulfilling way!

Get out of you comfort zone. 

Resolutions, while well intentioned, are not always the most exciting things to do. Try to commit to doing a new fun activity instead of a resolution. Maybe something that you have always thought about doing but never have for whatever reason.  Try a new exercise class, take a cooking class, get a new makeover, or just be spontaneous. Take the opportunity to experience something new! f

Be intentional.

Find time to focus on the fulfilling relationships you have with those around you. Reach out to a new social group. Find extra time to spend bonding with your children. Plan a regular coffee date with a friend. Take time off to visit with those you love. Connecting with a positive person on a regular basis can do wonders for your stress levels.

Save money.

Finances are the number one stressor for couples and families according. Get yourself on a healthy financial track after the expensive holiday season. Put more into a savings account or even start saving for a special trip you’ve always wanted to take. You’ll feel less stressed the more you are able to take control of your personal finances.

Get offline.

Social media sites can be a great way to keep up with people you don’t see often. However, it can also become overwhelming and frustrating. If you clock more time on social media than you do with loved ones in person, it might be a good idea to log off! Also getting offline leaves more time for getting outside, connecting with others, and finding new hobbies. A good place to start as a family is to institute technology-free meals on a regular basis.

Create an environment that makes health and success feel easy.

Many people do not realize how they are influenced by what is going on around them.  Be mindful of what brings you joy each day and what leaves you feeling exhausted. Then make conscious efforts to limit your exposure. Get out of your comfort zone. The best way to continue having a healthy year is to feel like a better you. Find what makes you happy and do more of it!

Laura Lebovitz

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