Resolutions: Can They Stick?

According to Forbes, over 50 percent of Americans make resolutions for New Years. However, the research shows that approximately 8 percent of American actually achieve these goals. Here are several helpful suggestions that will support success in achieving these goals.

  1. It’s a process. It was a process for you to get to where you are now, and it is a process for you to get out of it. Many times, I see clients who want to see progress overnight. However, patience, hard work, and enjoying the journey are part of a mindset that provides self-forgiveness and sets you up for success.
  2. Start small. Many times people set lofty goals or resolutions that they can’t obtain because they aren’t realistic. Make steps that you will actually take. If working out 7 days a week will only last for a few weeks, work out 3 days a week at a time that is convenient for you.
  3. Ask for support. This step is critical to maintaining changes long term. Making the new years resolution is easy- it becomes difficult when motivation begins to wane and you are pulled in several different directions. Getting support through this process will enable you to share your burden.
  4. Accept imperfection. There are times that we create rigid boundaries around our goals in order to ensure that we stay on a narrow path and reach our goals in record time. However, when those boundaries become more flexible and there is forgiveness when you mess up, you are more likely to stick to your resolution.



Written By: Chelsey Beauchamp, LAPC