New Years Resolutions?

It’s 2011. Have you make a resolution? Are you jumping on the band wagon of things to change—lose weight, stop smoking, eat “healthier”? All of these are great ideas, not to knock that. One common theme I see in all of these is the need to change YOU. Isn’t the idea of a resolution to try harder, do MORE, make yourself feel better? Why not do that in a self-loving way. Instead of trying to change something you don’t like about yourself, try to do more of what you LOVE about yourself. Maybe you like volunteering—try going 2 times a week. Resolutions seem selfish to me. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to take care of yourself, but this year make a resolution help as many people as possible with one small act. Think of it as killing 8 birds with one stone!

Cara Engle, LAPC
cengle@growcounseling .com