When Your Loved One Has OCD

People jokingly throw around the term OCD all the time, but if you or your loved one struggles with OCD you know that it is no joke. It is something that can be debilitating and affect an entire family.

As a friend or family member, it is common to feel helpless or frustrated. 

Here are some things that you can do to help your loved one:

  • Encourage them to seek treatment – OCD is treatable! Helping your loved one find appropriate care will give them a safe space to find help and healing. This is the most important step for finding relief for your loved one and the family. 
  • Establish healthy communication – Remember that it is not a simple task for your loved one to stop their unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. It is important to be careful not to put pressure on them or blame them for their OCD. 
  • Don’t be an enabler – Sometimes family members encourage their loved ones to avoid stressful or feared situations or objects. While this might seem helpful, it is actually reinforcing their OCD. It is important for your loved one to face their fears so that they are not controlled by them.
  • Practice self-care – Supporting and caring for your friend or family member with OCD can be stressful. It is crucial to remember to take care of yourself in the process. Not only is it important for you to get the care that you need, it can also be helpful for you to model healthy behavior for your loved one. Also, seeking help for yourself allows you to better care for your loved one. 

OCD does not have to control your loved one or your family forever. There are plenty of people who can help you get through this season of life. 

Written by: Elizabeth Kraich