On Being Thankful

Recently I was ordering at a drive through window and the server responded politely with a phrase of thanks, her inflection of the words, however, left me thinking she had simply been trained to state the words in a perfunctory manner.  It got me thinking about being truly thankful.  I believe genuine thankfulness squeezes through the cracks of cynicism.  Life is viewed through a different lens; we look not at what is beyond our grasp, but wonder at what we already possess.

This Thanksgiving, reflect on the good things in your life. I know for me, sometimes my heart lags far behind my head or vice-versa when I think about being thankful.  It is easy to get caught up in the demands of a busy life of acquisition and not pause and think of the blessings near at hand.  Studies have been done taking note of people’s attitudes when difficulties arise in their lives.  Those who stay positive are healthier both mentally and physically.  I’m not exactly certain how it works, but I challenge you during this Thanksgiving season to take some time and write down 10 things you are truly grateful for.  Date the list.  Keep it. Add to it. Return to it again and again.


Marlayne Whitlock, MA