The Post Holiday Blues


For many parents, the Christmas holiday is a time that they can see their family again. They can have all their children under one roof and operate happily amidst all the noise that was so familiar when the kids were growing up.

But then the holiday hustle and bustle stop, the adult children have gone back to their families, and you are standing in the kitchen alone.

Many times parents thrive on being needed and helping out around the house. It is a way for them to feel connected and attached to their family. Facing the spotless clean house and lack of noise can feel lonely and isolating.

Some tips for managing the loneliness are:

  • BE GRATEFUL – Journal about the successes around the holidays. Write about the happiness that you felt. Discuss the best moments that you felt during this time.
  • TAKE TIME TO GRIEVE – There is space for you to feel sad about your children leaving and being by yourself again. Allow yourself a time to feel sad and to recover from the holiday spirit.
  • GET BACK IN A ROUTINE – Routines help provide structure and focus to your activities and to your life.
  • SET A GOAL – We use goals as motivation. Goals give us a sense of hope in order to achieve some of our dreams.

Sometimes during the holidays, people press pause on their personal problems and enter into a season of happiness and celebration. After the holiday season, they are forced to face the reality of their problems. If you find yourself feeling down and isolated, it may be a good time to get help and explore how to develop the next chapter of your life.

Chelsey Beauchamp, MS

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