Relationship Navigation for Parents and Adult Children


When kids become adults, the dynamic between the parent and child relationship changes. You will be dealing with different issues than when your children were younger and living under the same roof. For example, it can be difficult to figure out when to give advice and when to stay quiet. Navigating this change can be difficult.

There can be a lot of tension in the relationship while figuring out how to stay close while respecting and maintaining boundaries.

One of the things that can make this transition smoother is being clear about expectations and boundaries. If you have different ideas about how your relationship is going to work, you are bound to get irritated with each other. Voicing what you want from each other will help minimize miscommunication and frustration.

It is also important to understand that neither of you is trying to hurt the other. When your parent gives you advice, they are not saying that they don’t trust you. When your kid is not talking to you as frequently, it does not mean they do not want you to be part of their life. But when these situations occur, it is important to communicate in order to figure out how to navigate them. It is natural for parents and adult children to butt heads while navigating this transition. But as you move into this new phase of your parent-child relationship, you can also develop a beautiful friendship.

Written By: Elizabeth Kraich, LAPC