The Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Wedding Season

Wedding season is here! It is a time of joy, love, and happiness for the bride and groom. While everyone loves seeing people in love, it can feel really challenging if you are single. Regardless of how comfortable you are with your single life!

Here are some tips for all the single ladies to enjoy wedding season to the fullest!

  • Find a place to be honest. The bride is probably not the best people to vent to about your wedding stress. It is so important to find a group of friends or a confidant to vent with during wedding season.
  • Watch the open bar. People have weddings to celebrate their love with all of their closest friends. Brides and grooms want their guests to have fun! It can feel really tempting to take full advantage of an open bar to give yourself a little liquid courage. Enjoy yourself, but do not go too far! Being drunk and emotional is not a good look.
  • Plan out some answers to questions people are likely to ask. It is very likely that someone will ask you a question about when it will be your turn or what happened to so-so who just happens to be your ex now. There are no perfect, cookie-cutter answers to the awkward questions other guests may ask. Let your answers fit your personality! Planning out some answers ahead of time may just give you a little extra confidence and keep you having fun!
  • Think about all of the other fun summer offers! Summers are not just for weddings! Summers are for a little extra time to enjoy warm weather and shake up your routine. Try a new hobby, explore your city, and get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you will find something you really enjoy that you can share with the other guests!
  • It’s ok to say no. Do not feel like you have to attend every wedding you are invited to. This is especially true if you are not super close with the couple.

Have fun! Weddings are a party that you aren’t paying for! Enjoy yourself! Get out on the dance floor, wear something special, enjoy the food, and take fun pictures with friends.

Laura Lebovitz
LLebovitz @