Sobriety as a Young Adult + the Holidays

The Holiday season is quickly approaching once again as we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is like the marker for the start of the holiday season as Christmas and New Years are not too far behind. This means we are gearing up for holiday parties and gatherings with our families. What this also means is that the parties will probably not be without some alcoholic beverages.

This is great for people who choose to drink, but this can be hard for someone who has chosen sobriety. 

This choice could be for many reasons – having a substance use disorder and being on their journey of recovery. Or it also might be because the person has chosen for other personal reasons that drinking alcohol is no longer something that they want to do in their lives or that they no longer enjoy. 

When a person chooses to no longer drink alcohol, it can be confusing to the people around them.

This can be especially difficult for a young adult in their 20s who has made this decision. They might feel pressure from friends or family at holiday parties or even shamed or made to feel guilty about their choice. This can be a time for those of us who are not drinking to set boundaries with our friends and family who may be curious.

If you are offered a drink at a party here are some things you might say to set the boundary: 

  • “No, thank you.” 
  • “Thanks, but I am not drinking tonight.” 
  • “I am good with water, thank you though.” 
  • “I don’t drink.” 
  • “I am actually no longer drinking.” 

These responses also apply to times when we go to events and it is not the holiday season. It can be difficult when going out and having a drink is part of the culture, but if it is something we no longer enjoy, it is okay to make that choice and let your friends and family know where your boundaries lie.

When we start living for ourselves and not those around us, our mental health can improve drastically. 

Written By: Hannah Simmons