Spring Cleaning of Your Social Media Closet

As Spring starts to settle in, we might be looking at 2022 with mixed emotions and thoughts. A lot of people take this time to reflect on the year ahead and where they gave been. We might reflect on accomplishments and growth, and the immense change we have all endured in different ways the last two years. This time last year was interesting to say the least, so be gracious and patient with yourself if you find yourself experiencing more than one overwhelming emotion at a time when you reflect on this year with all of it’s up and downs. 

As many of your resolutions and emotions come flooding in your mind, on social media, and in your environment, you might want to consider a Social Media “closet” cleaning.

This is not to add one more thing to your “Goals” that tend to fade early in the year, rather this is an invitation to invest in your well-being.

Consider this as you think about your social media accounts:
  • How does this post make me feel?
  • How is my body responding to this content? 
    • Heart racing, racing thoughts, tearful…?
  • What kind of information do I look up after reading this post?
  • How is this information adding value to my life?
  • Is this content enriching or shaming?

Depending on your answer to some of these questions, maybe explore the idea of unfollowing or unsubscribing to some content that is not serving you right now. This will look vastly different for each person and where you are on your growth journey right now.

For example, the subscription that flooded your inbox with great deals may have worked great in a past season, but maybe currently you’re trying new things with your budget or your priorities have shifted and this content is no longer relevant. 

Another example to consider is seeing a post from an acquaintance that you no longer speak to. Does it sting a little bit when you see their new car and their “perfect life”? Does it cause grief, hurt or pain in your life? Does seeing a tiny snap shot of someone else’s edited life distract you from your life, your journey, your decision making? Do you feel contentment when you get off Instagram? Or do you snap, begin feeling isolated, feel FOMO (fear of missing out), jealousy or like you are not good enough to achieve something that someone else just posted about?

Social media is a fantastic tool and, at the same time, can be a huge source of discontentment in your life.

The duality of social media is real, and it is okay to feel mixed feelings about your virtual platforms. 

Are there any therapy accounts that would enhance your journey? Any accounts that promote your favorite hobby, sport, or interest? Any local shops, gyms, bakeries and coffee shops, yoga studios that post about community events?

Think about things on social media that spark curiosity and desire, and lean into that! Simplify your inbox closet to work for you, not against you or your values!

Written by: Catherine Virden