College Tips: Girls to Girls – Part 1

A few nights ago, some of my friends and I were reflecting on those wonder years of college. We realized there was wealth of knowledge we gained along the way. It’s probably not what you are thinking though. Of course we learned about the War of 1812, Euclidian geometry, and … Read More

What’s Your Learning Style?

The beginning of the school year is a great time to assess your learning style.  (Or your child’s learning style.)  Knowing the best way you learn can help you create an environment in which you can be successful.  Not everyone does their best sitting in silence at a desk or … Read More

Help Your Kids Stand Up

As we are all getting ready to send our kids back to school, the topic of bullying starts to become more prevalent. It is plastered all over the news these days with school shootings, cyber bullying, teen suicides being linked back to bullying. Bullying can come in different forms but … Read More

School Schedule Stressors

Like the ebb and flow of low and high tide at the beach, school starting can bring a sense of rhythm and order to the unscheduled freedom of summer vacation.  It can also bring added stressors that impact the family in multiple ways.   Getting all family members out the door … Read More

Handy Hints for Hitting the Books

A few helpful hints for hitting the books at the beginning of another school year. Stay organized with a calendar and set up a schedule to complete homework.  Set aside time to complete projects and mark it on the calendar. This can be more effective than beginning a paper at … Read More

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

We all have our favorite things; pizza, cars, baseball, books, exercise, etc. Often times we get immersed in so many of our favorites that we lose connection with why they are our favorites or we can even forget that those items or people are our favorites.  Imagine, for a minute, … Read More

Rules of the Game

In any game, there are clear rules, guidelines, time-outs, and borders. If someone decides to play outside of the rules, there are clear penalties or the player might even have to take back the move and lose a turn.  Sometimes, the rules are so detailed that the rules themselves become … Read More

Living In the Gray

Do you live your life in the gray? It seems to occur more with people than ever before. What used to be seen as right or wrong has now become questionable. Black and white areas of behavior are not necessarily the norm any longer. Viewpoints of life, quite often obtained … Read More

A Life in the Present

We all have friends who constantly remind us about their childhood successes: scoring the winning touchdown to win the State Championship, winning the third grade spelling bee by spelling the word “expectation”, or becoming the valedictorian of their high school or college class. These conversations always seem to come up … Read More