Book Giveaway: Love Lab Strategies for Your Relationship

** CONTEST CLOSED** If you are in a relationship this book is for you. This book will help you take your relationship from adequate to exceptional. If you are not in a relationship right now, enter anyway! It is a great one to give as a gift or to start … Read More

Does your life have vision?

Over the years, much of my identity has been wrapped up in what I did.  And then there came a day when I was completely over-committed, totally exhausted and I hated the task which I had willingly signed myself up to complete.  I realized (not at that exact moment – … Read More

Praise Loudly

Let the loudest thing that your partner hears from you be praise. It’s easy to let the things that we love about our partners go unsaid or assumed.  We have a tendency to voice concerns or criticism and forget to sing praise. So make a conscious effort, every time you … Read More

The Leader’s Toolbox: Sensing/Intuition

  Dr. Dickinson is a guest blogger over at Plywood People. Here is a taste – When you think about the sensing/intuition aspect of personality (from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator – MBTI), think about the way that people see the world or the way that they categorize information. If you are … Read More

Yes…I mean No…

Within the realm of friendship, saying no can be difficult.  Sometimes there are unspoken rules with friends and we find ourselves saying yes when we would really prefer to say no.  Perhaps we are replicating dynamics of relationships with family members where the pattern of pleasing others carries itself over … Read More

The “F” word

Finances that is….Start marriage with an agreed upon financial plan you can both stick with and save yourself many future arguments. Finances are one of the top issues couples argue about so having a pre-determined plan will help you navigate difficult financial decisions that often turn into power struggles. No … Read More

Kids first?

Contrary to popular belief about marriage, it is better to put your spouse first and your children second. The whole family will be happier because the order of the family is known and consistent. Put your spouse first by making time for daily talks, cuddles, and occasional date nights consistently … Read More

Training Zone! Part 5

Hello everyone! If you have been following the Training Zone series, I am here to wrap up the final 5 tips. Have any of you started a training routine? If so, what are you training for? How has this list helped you reach a routine in training? Let us know … Read More

The Eggplant

Do you ever find yourself with that sinking feeling when you know you are going to have to address a particular topic for the 17th time with your partner? How do you bring it up? I often suggest to my clients to give it a code name…and the more playful … Read More

Relationship Joy

Relationships often become mundane. After the sparkles of dating wear off, the mundane of life can settle in. Rather than longing for the magic of the early stages of the relationship, look for ways to find joy in the mundane. There is always something to celebrate if you are on … Read More