The Fat Shaming of Women

Have you heard the term “fat shaming”? You can probably ascertain what the term means without an explanation; however, it can be subtle and is so common in our culture that you may overlook it when it happens.

The Sandusky Case and its Painful Ripple Effect

With news of sanctions against Penn State, the statue of Joe Paterno being placed in storage over the weekend, and the FBI report about to be released, the case of Jerry Sandusky continues to reverberate long after the jury has rendered its verdict.  The case has brought to light the … Read More

My Kid Has a Lot of Friend Drama…What Do I Do?

It can be hard to see your kid upset with their friend or lose a friendship. But most friend drama your kid experiences is a normal part of growing up and can even be an important part of their social development. Most friend drama such as a friend not wanting … Read More