Seven Tips for Co-Parenting

A child can easily get trapped in the war and conflict of two parents getting a divorce. Some thoughts of children caught between parental conflicts could be “I need to fix the problem,” or “I’m the reason they are fighting.” Neither of which are true from an adult perspective but children experience divorce much different than adults. The best gift you can give your child when divorcing their parent is to do so respectfully and peacefully in the child’s presence.

Encouragement for Single Parents

If you are a single parent, I want to encourage you to reach out for support from family and friends or even a trained therapist.

Helping Your Child Through Your Divorce


No one wants to go through a divorce, especially when there are children involved. Unfortunately, divorce is a reality for many couples. If you are going through a divorce and you have children, you have a responsibility as a parent to do what you can to protect your child. It’s … Read More