The Perfect Resume

Whenever a friend, client, or family member asks me to look at their resume, the phrase, “I want it to be perfect” always appears in their plea for help.  The is just a little problem; there is no PERFECT resume. This troubling fact is what keeps at least 3 “evolving” … Read More

Communication in Relationship

What is communication in relationship? It’s the ability to discuss freely, without the fear of retribution or intimidation, one’s thoughts and feelings. By allowing each party to openly share and be vulnerable, dialogue can progress to a more intimate level. As this occurs, trust and safety are achieved which provide … Read More

Skin and Technology

For a long time I’ve been noticing that our younger generations don’t know how to have relationships with “skin on them.” That is, they are most used to having conversations and relationships with people in 140 characters (Twitter), soundbites (Facebook), or virtually (video games and cyber chats). None of these … Read More

Boundaries in Dating

Have you ever been in a dating relationship where you looked back and wondered where you went?  Sometimes we get into relationships where we loose ourselves and don’t realize how much we have lost our voice, individualism, or perspective until we get out of the relationship.  Others can tell us … Read More

Happy Relationships – Part 2

10 Rules to Live by for a Happy Relationships…   6.  I will take ownership of, and be completely accountable for my own feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors first, without shifting blame toward my significant other. 7.  I will not attempt to control my significant other with sarcasm, rage, threats, … Read More

Happy Relationships – Part 1

10 Rules to Live by for a Happy Relationships… 1. I will communicate my expectations and not take it for granted that my significant other understands what I need or want. 2. I will verify my assumptions so that I have accurate information and feedback.   3.  I will strive … Read More