Interacting or Connecting?

We find ourselves constantly involved in people’s lives. Whether we’re working with them or whether they’re our family, we are continuously interacting with others. What makes the difference of merely interacting or truly connecting with someone? It begins with interest in them. So often, we encounter individuals in our associations … Read More

The Great Atlanta, iPhone Social Experiment!

Sometimes finding the first words to say when you see someone you might connect with is difficult. Perhaps a friend has to remind you to smile, uncross your arms, or even loosen your neck-tie a little or nudge you to utter the word “hello”; these things come naturally to some, … Read More

What is Love?

Before I attempt to answer this age old question, I’ll start by first telling you what love is not: love is not the butterflies in our stomachs, the goosebumps when skin touches skin, the long day dreams and feelings of “walking on air.” It is not the racing heart, the … Read More