Signs Of Mental Illness in Your College Student

Mental illness can go undiagnosed and untreated in college students, but can have a significant and negative impact on a college student’s functioning; this blog discusses early signs of mental illness in college students.

Debunking Meditation Myths

Many people know the benefits of meditation but are still hesitant to practice it. Although meditation seems like it should be simple, it can feel difficult for many people. There are many myths about meditation that scare people away from doing it regularly. Included in this blog are some ways to separate meditation myths from reality!

Supporting your child through their first year of college.

A young adult’s first semester of college, especially if they’re living outside the home, can be fraught with complications, excitement and challenges. Most teens and families are under equipped to deal with all the areas of transition that come with a teen starting college. There are a lot of moving pieces that come with starting college, and this blog seeks to provide a few tips to keep in mind as a teen starts college for the first time.

Homework, procrastination and the teenage brain.

It turns out, your child’s lack of time management might have less to do with laziness or forgetfulness and more to do with how their adolescent brain is developing. Complex cognitive tasks (like planning to complete a long-term or complicated school project) are primarily carried out in a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain begins rapidly developing during adolescence. It doesn’t reach full maturation until the early to mid-twenties.

Making A College Decision With Low Stress

Preparing for and getting into college is a lot of work! Teens have to write admission essays, personal statements, gather recommendations, take long standardized tests and so much more. Once seniors start getting into colleges, they then have to make the hard decision of where they will attend higher education.