The Danger of Holding a Grudge

The Danger of Holding a Grudge – if we can find a way to seek forgiveness for others, we can move on with our lives.

Facing Your Emotional Dragon

The emotional music in your brain structures the way you engage with others. Emotions color your world and can shape your suffering. 

Are Trauma Triggers Hijacking your Brain?


Have you ever been accused of overreacting? The cause may be your reaction to a trauma trigger. Triggers are memories, behaviors, thoughts, and situations that escalate emotional reaction. When you are in this highly emotional state, you lose the ability to make rational decisions. For some, it can result in … Read More

What Does Emotional Intelligence Mean? Part 1


Children experience the same emotions as adults. They can feel everything from happiness to sadness to anger to nervousness to even stress. However unlike adults, many children do not understand how to effectively deal with the range of emotions they experience. Just like other life skills parents pass onto their … Read More