Reducing Money Conflicts Between Couples

Money is one of the most argued about topics for couples. This blog discusses some of the deeper meanings behind the money arguments and provides guidelines for helping couples face the money dragon and manage their finances as a team. Learn more in this guest blog post from one of … Read More

The College Experience – Learning How to Budget


Experience is a great teacher. We learn though successes, we learn through mistakes, and we even learn from the internet. This summer, we are helping our students learn before their college experience. We have pulled together our experience in working with some of the brightest students, experience from working on … Read More

Financial Infidelity

Did you know money related issues are the number one reason marriages end in divorce? If you have ever went on a shopping spree to only hide your items in the closet…ladies… or bought an expensive “gadget” and you lied about the price….men, then listen up! This is called Financial Infidelity or other words “cheating” financially on your spouse.

Pro Sports Wives: Holiday Expectations

It’s the holiday season and pressure is approaching (if it isn’t already here)! By now you realize that your husband’s financial status brings on a lot of holiday expectations. These expectations can come from your children, family members, and friends, and even family friends, right? This can be an exhausting time for a pro sports wife trying to sort out, cross out, and filter through meaningful people in her family’s life.

Til Money Do Us Part (Part 4 of 4)

Are you and your spouse still supporting an adult child who should be able to support themselves? Or supporting struggling family members due to a sense of guilt? If so you may be participating in Financial Enabling.

Til Money Do Us Part (Part 3 of 4)

This week’s topic is on Financial Dependency. You are financially dependent if you are in a situation where everything is given or provided for you and someone else is managing the money. This can lead to low self-esteem and sense of self-worth and eventually to depression. People who suffer from this financial disorder are at higher risk of using drugs and alcohol and ending up in abusive relationships.

Til Money Do Us Part (Part 2 of 4)

Beliefs and attitudes about money and how it works are typically developed during a young age through the examples by our parents. The consequences for violating healthy boundaries and making your children feel accountable for your financial situation can have long lasting negative effects throughout your child’s adulthood and their relationships with others, including you.