Taxing Relationships

Taxes.  A controversial topic to be sure.  Some of us pay a much higher rate than we would like. Everyone pays.  Recently, as I was working on my return (and complaining) I was struck with the thought of how I implement a form of taxes in relationships.   Maybe you … Read More

Listening with the heart

Maybe you have seen the commercial where a couple is out for a romantic dinner yet all the while the male is checking a game while conversation is taking place with his partner.  Sadly, the commercial makes light of something all too common in relationships – instead of being intentional … Read More


You remember the hit TV series…right? There was always something going on, whether it was one of their love lives or just everyday occurrences. They always seemed to be there for one another. Admittedly, some of their advice wasn’t always the best, but they were friends, and friends are there … Read More

Difficult People

Who are difficult people? They’re the ones who pour milk in your tea, just after you put in lemon. They’re those individuals who fail to say “good day” after you’ve said it to them five times. They’re people who leave the mess for you to clean up, even though you … Read More

Helping a friend in an abusive relationship

Melanie had it all, great friends and family, worked from home, lived in a nice neighborhood; all of her friends secretly wanted her life.  But Melanie had a big secret of her own she hoped no one would ever find out about.  When Melanie and her boyfriend would fight her … Read More

Back to School: Living with your New Roommate

Going off to college is probably one of the most exciting and scary times for a student. You are leaving home for the first time other than for summer camp or spending the night with a friend. Going to college is a lot different than the weekend or week or … Read More

Are you an Island?

No man is an island.  You’ve probably heard that phrase before. Yet, what does it mean? Can we possibly walk through this life by ourselves, without desiring to surround ourselves with others who care about us? Do we want to? We all have experienced difficult relationships at one time or … Read More

Yes…I mean No…

Within the realm of friendship, saying no can be difficult.  Sometimes there are unspoken rules with friends and we find ourselves saying yes when we would really prefer to say no.  Perhaps we are replicating dynamics of relationships with family members where the pattern of pleasing others carries itself over … Read More

Need help saying no?

**This is part 2 in our series on Boundaries….   Do you struggle with saying no?  You are not alone.  Clients often share how difficult it is saying no to family members.  Sometimes the clash becomes cyclical as parents struggle with saying no to children and adult children struggle with … Read More

The challenging two letter word….

The word no is often a staple in most toddler’s vocabulary, while many adults have a very difficult time uttering this one syllable word.  Why is it that for most of us the first word we learn to speak becomes the most difficult to articulate when we are adults? For … Read More