Interacting or Connecting?

We find ourselves constantly involved in people’s lives. Whether we’re working with them or whether they’re our family, we are continuously interacting with others. What makes the difference of merely interacting or truly connecting with someone? It begins with interest in them. So often, we encounter individuals in our associations … Read More

10 Steps to Forgiveness

Is there someone or something in your life that needs to be forgive? Here are some practical steps to help with the process. Forgiveness can take a while and is often a process rather than an event. Some of these steps might be harder than others, and there might be … Read More

Foundations for Friendship

Who is a true friend? What does it take to maintain friendships? Whom do you want as your friends? These are, or should be, some of the questions we ask ourselves to really know who our friends are. We often experience life with many people around us. We choose certain … Read More