On Being Thankful

Recently I was ordering at a drive through window and the server responded politely with a phrase of thanks, her inflection of the words, however, left me thinking she had simply been trained to state the words in a perfunctory manner.  It got me thinking about being truly thankful.  I … Read More

A boost for your mood

Many of us will be turning back the clock.  (I am referring to daylight savings time, not a new wrinkle cream.)  With more hours of darkness and the onset of cold weather, many people experience a general feeling of sadness around this time of year.  (The holiday season is peak.) … Read More

Vacation Yourself to a Happier, Calmer You!

Great news you might want to forward to your employer to increase your vacation time this year. A research study concluded that “women who take vacations frequently are less likely to become tense, depressed, or tried, and are more satisfied with their marriage. These personal psychological benefits that lead to … Read More

Music, Food, and Fun

As I think about this patriotic occasion, I can’t help but think about the fireworks, the cookouts, the sunburn from sitting at the pool or lake in your red, white, and blue striped shirt, and of course the patriotic music.  Music has a way of grabbing our emotions, our thoughts, … Read More