The Pursuit of Happiness


During the holidays, I find that there is an emphasis on joy, cheerfulness, and merriness. However, what happens when you have tried to find happiness and failed? Sometimes, individuals think they are entitled to it. The fact of the matter is that life can be difficult and can crush the … Read More

Holiday Dinners & Divorce


Jill Howgate, one of our therapists at GROW, sat down with the Divorce911 folks and talked about Divorce and the Holidays. Regardless of the season and what holidays you are celebrating, this is great information to have in hand!

Goal-Setting for the Real World

We’ve all got goals and may have an idea in mind of how goal-setting might look in our lives. Our goals may be big and life-changing, or they may be as small as wanting to be more consistent in cleaning your baseboards, but no matter the size, we’ve all got them. I hear … Read More

Sobriety During the Holidays

Eat, Drink, and be Merry! This is a popular holiday slogan that many of us are familiar with. Nevertheless, holidays are often a time that can be a trigger for individuals struggling with addiction and sobriety. Many people think that the holidays are just a time for happiness and time … Read More

How to Negotiate Where to Spend the Holidays as a Newly Married Couple


Wondering where to spend the holidays as a newly married couple? As the song goes, “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go.” The question this year is, “To which Grandmother’s house to go?” One discussion I encourage pre-marriage and newly married couples to have, especially this … Read More

The Lions’ Den: A Survivalist Guide To Holidays


Why do you need to be a survivalist during the holidays? We love to be with our family, but we hate the conflict. We can’t stay away and have to brace ourselves before walking into holiday family gatherings. It can feel like entering a lions’ den. Walking through the lions’ … Read More

Family Bonding During Summer

The sun is out more, the days are feeling longer, and children are getting antsy. Summer is right around the corner! One of the questions I get asked a lot this time of year is, “How do I make the most of summer as a family?” While the upcoming end … Read More

Decoding Your Break-up, Part One: Why Do You Feel So Bad

Break-ups can be extremely hurtful and distressing—regardless of if the relationship lasted weeks or years. It is ok and totally normal to feel sad after a relationship ends. A break-up can be upsetting whether you are being dumped or whether the dumping was your idea. While we all know break-ups … Read More

The Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Wedding Season

Wedding season is here! It is a time of joy, love, and happiness for the bride and groom. While everyone loves seeing people in love, it can feel really challenging if you are single. Regardless of how comfortable you are with your single life! Here are some tips for all … Read More

Quick Lifestyle Change that Can Help Reduce Depression

Living with depression can be overwhelming and daunting. Depression can impact the way you feel, think, and handle daily activities. Depression can feel a different for different people depending on the severity of the symptoms. It is one of the most common mental disorders in the U.S. It can feel … Read More