Holiday Stress

When was your last frustrating moment?  We all have them.  Mine was about a minute ago when I could not find my reading glasses. Did you know that the average person faces around 30 frustrations each day. They add up rather quickly.  Usually (for me, anyway) there are stressors simply … Read More

Surviving Going Home for the Holidays

When the holidays arrive many people go home to spend time with family and friends, some travel across town and others travel across the country to be with loved ones. For some adults going home can be bitter sweet; looking forward to family traditions, but not wanting the family drama … Read More

Holiday Self-Care Strategies

Many clients seem to struggle a bit when I ask them about what they do to take care of themselves. Often we put ourselves at the very bottom of the to do list and prioritize everyone else instead. There is so much we know we should be doing, but are … Read More

Holiday Q & A

Holiday Questions and Answers: Family, Work, Gifts, and Eating Disorders During the holidays, people are always asking us at GROW questions about family, work, gifts, etc. So, here are a few general questions and some answers we might offer to some clients.  Gifts, meals, and family time can be stressful … Read More

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress!

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with holiday to-do list? Try some of these strategies to help reduce stress…   1. Cut back What can you cut out of the holidays that won’t be missed? Only put up one tree? Decorate less? Shop online? Give fewer gifts? Do it!   2. … Read More

What we’re thankful for….the just for fun edition!

We thought it would be fun to put together a list of things that we are thankful for. It’s an exercise we often suggest to clients to broaden their view point, and help hold onto the good things in their life. We put a spin on it this time though … Read More

Thanksgiving: For the Single Person

Imagine a large dining room table full of food, family, and maybe an animal or two trying to locate the best time to attack the turkey that is sitting way too close to the edge. One would think that this scenario is what most people will experience this Thanksgiving. However; … Read More

On Being Thankful

Recently I was ordering at a drive through window and the server responded politely with a phrase of thanks, her inflection of the words, however, left me thinking she had simply been trained to state the words in a perfunctory manner.  It got me thinking about being truly thankful.  I … Read More

Vacation Yourself to a Happier, Calmer You!

Great news you might want to forward to your employer to increase your vacation time this year. A research study concluded that “women who take vacations frequently are less likely to become tense, depressed, or tried, and are more satisfied with their marriage. These personal psychological benefits that lead to … Read More