The Dating Coach Answers: The Invite Home for the Holidays

Many people visit relatives or go home for at least one of the major holidays. If you’re single, you may feel the pressure and expectation from your parents or family to have a significant other and invite them with you to family holiday events. Nothing is worse each year than to have aunts, uncles, cousins, or parents asking if you are dating anyone or when you are going to get serious about someone.

Pro Sports Wives: Holiday Expectations

It’s the holiday season and pressure is approaching (if it isn’t already here)! By now you realize that your husband’s financial status brings on a lot of holiday expectations. These expectations can come from your children, family members, and friends, and even family friends, right? This can be an exhausting time for a pro sports wife trying to sort out, cross out, and filter through meaningful people in her family’s life.

Surviving the Holiday Blues

Many people face the holiday season with fear or anguish. There are a variety of reasons why we feel sad during the holidays. Taking time to reflect on the source of the sadness may be the first and most helpful step. Sometimes so many changes have taken place over the course of the year that feeling blue is a normal response to the events.

The Dating Coach Answers: How Do I Date During the Holidays?

Maybe you’ve just met someone who seems very promising. Or maybe you’ve been casually dating a new love interest for a few weeks or months. The holiday season approaches and you wonder where the “relationship” stands. This time of the year naturally brings some pressure and expectations with it. You would love to be in a comfortable dating relationship where you know what to expect between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but, unfortunately, you’re not quite there yet. What to do?

Pro Sports Wives: Creating Home for the Holidays

As a former pro sports wife myself, I recall the times when I was away from home for the holidays traveling with my husband abroad. I remember feeling isolated, lonely and very much missing my family members and our family holiday traditions. I remember the importance of embracing relationships with other pro sports wives for a sense of connection and community. Whether you’re temporarily located overseas or even in a new U.S. city, I believe the things I learned from my own experiences can help you.

Exploring Gratitude: What We’re Thankful For


We thought it would be fun to put together a list of things that we are thankful for. It’s an exercise we often suggest to clients to broaden their view point, and help hold onto the good things in their life. We put a spin on it this time though – we made a list that didn’t include any serious things….like air, health, or life. These are just the things that we are thankful for that make life sparkle!

Exploring Gratitude: Gratitude and Sparkle


I was doing some nerdy reading recently and stumbled on a scholarly publication called “The Journal of Happiness Studies.” Yes, please! Basically these scholars review and approve articles all related to Happiness. Turns out study after study has been done to try to break the code on how to make us happier.

Exploring Gratitude: Gratefulness According to Webster

I confess – I’ve always had a secret love for the dictionary. I find language to be fascinating, care about the way that things are said, and appreciate the nuances in the choice of one word over another.

I found myself the other day thinking about how we have a tendency to interchange the words thankful and grateful. So I decided to do a little research and what I found really surprised me. It’s changed the way that I look at the idea of gratitude.

Families and the Holidays

Have you ever noticed how different family members handle the holidays? Some are very open and receptive to family getting together and enjoying one another’s time. They enjoy reminiscing about previous time spent with one another, and the hope of new and even happier holiday events resounds with them. However, not all individuals see the holidays as joyous. For those folks past holidays may recreate bad or unhappy memories which are hard to escape.

Memorial Day: Helping a friend honor their fallen soldier

For many people Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer events and vacations. Families gather and set off fireworks, pools open, and women do a lot of shopping…but Memorial Day weekend is also an important time to remember fallen soldiers. This is a day for many to grieve their … Read More