Spring Cleaning: Reducing Clutter!


Spring has arrived in full force; short cold days will soon give way to garden tours, egg hunts, proms, spring break trips to the beach, and the inevitable spring cleaning. As ‘Rites of Spring’ go, cleaning probably isn’t at the top of most peoples’ lists. However, I think it’s invaluable … Read More

New Years Resolutions: Dreams, goals and habits

The idea of new year’s resolutions goes all the way back to the ancient Babylonians. They would make promises to their gods at the beginning of their new year. And it seems like the idea has stuck. Four thousand years later, our promises and commitments of how we’re going to change still tends to dominate the conversation at parties this time of year.

However, does it work? How often do we stick with our new year’s resolutions? For most of us, its pretty hit and miss at best. Maybe this year, instead of focusing on a new year’s resolution, you can focus on dreams, goals and habits instead.

What Not to Do During the Holidays!

Even though the Christmas carols praised the winter as “the most wonderful time of the year”, the truth is that the holidays can be beyond stressful! It is the time of year of parties, over-commitment, sugar-rushes, family conflict, and a departure from the regular daily routine. All of these can add up to a pretty hectic time of year.

Homework, procrastination and the teenage brain.

It turns out, your child’s lack of time management might have less to do with laziness or forgetfulness and more to do with how their adolescent brain is developing. Complex cognitive tasks (like planning to complete a long-term or complicated school project) are primarily carried out in a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain begins rapidly developing during adolescence. It doesn’t reach full maturation until the early to mid-twenties.

Pro Sports Wives: Holiday Expectations

It’s the holiday season and pressure is approaching (if it isn’t already here)! By now you realize that your husband’s financial status brings on a lot of holiday expectations. These expectations can come from your children, family members, and friends, and even family friends, right? This can be an exhausting time for a pro sports wife trying to sort out, cross out, and filter through meaningful people in her family’s life.

School Schedule Stressors

Like the ebb and flow of low and high tide at the beach, school starting can bring a sense of rhythm and order to the unscheduled freedom of summer vacation.  It can also bring added stressors that impact the family in multiple ways.   Getting all family members out the door … Read More

Handy Hints for Hitting the Books

A few helpful hints for hitting the books at the beginning of another school year. Stay organized with a calendar and set up a schedule to complete homework.  Set aside time to complete projects and mark it on the calendar. This can be more effective than beginning a paper at … Read More

Multitasking Overload aka Brain Strain

I have a friend who is really great at managing a calendar.  Incredibly proficient with her organizational skills (or so she thought) until one day when she received a phone call asking “Where are you?” She had totally forgotten a dinner party given in her honor because she had not … Read More