Play Connects People


This is a series of blogs that Jennifer Wilmoth, LAMFT wrote after returning from a recent trip to Africa. A few reflections, a few lessons learned. Enjoy the journey.  Stories from Africa: Chapter 5 Play Connects People   One of the ways we wanted to equip the nurses and head … Read More

A Life in the Present

We all have friends who constantly remind us about their childhood successes: scoring the winning touchdown to win the State Championship, winning the third grade spelling bee by spelling the word “expectation”, or becoming the valedictorian of their high school or college class. These conversations always seem to come up … Read More

A Different Direction

On a recent visit near my grandparent’s farm I discovered a new road. Well, I didn’t actually discover it; technically the road is older than I am. I simply never had a reason to travel in that particular direction, so I didn’t. I ventured forth after a conversation with a … Read More

Anticipating stressors might be as bad a the stress!

The way that we “frame” or attach meaning to potential stressors, often determines whether they become actual stressor or not. One person might define something as stressful when someone else does not. If you find that you are someone who is prone to anxiety over potentially stressful events or circumstances, … Read More

Try, Try Again

Repeating the same task repeatedly can sometimes become wearisome and discouraging.  It can also become a catalyst for success.  Malcom Gladwell wrote about the 10,000 Hour Rule which helps individuals achieve what he coined as outlier status.  He cites a neurologist, Daniel Levitin who writes, “It seems to take the … Read More

Bullying: Help your kids stand up!

It is plastered all over the news these days with school shootings, cyber bullying, teen suicides being linked back to bullying. Bullying can come in different forms but the most common are verbal- calling names and putting others down, physical- hitting, kicking, pushing, or social- leaving people out or spreading … Read More

Learning from Loss

I love these words that Pat Conroy wrote in his introduction to the book, My Losing Season.  “Loss is a fiercer, more uncompromising teacher, coldhearted but clear-eyed in its understanding that life is more dilemma than game, and more trial than free pass.  My acquaintance with loss has sustained me … Read More

PER GRADUS in the New Year

PER GRADUS (or step by step) I have a family member who no longer walks with ease, but needs the assistance of a walker to keep her steady and upright.  This Latin phrase is a good reminder of a different way to begin the year.  It evokes progress forward, but … Read More

Being Supermom Stressing You Out?

Mothers are the world’s best jugglers: family, work, money—they seem to do it all. However, all that responsibility can often leave moms feeling overstretched and stressed out. According to a 2006 survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), women are more affected by stress than men and report engaging in … Read More

Life and Death

When the news of Steve Jobs’ death was broadcast around the world, I joined with others in mourning the loss.  I viewed mementos and memorials in his honor in worldwide locations and in his hometown of Cupertino, California.  Photos stirred memories of my first encounter with a Macintosh computer in … Read More