How Can I Help My Kids Develop Social Skills?


Parents often ask me questions about their kids’ development such as; is my kid talking appropriately for their age and are they mastering life skills as they need to be. However, one area many parents skip right over is their kids’ social development. Social skills, like sharing toys or having … Read More

Successful Kids All Share This One Trait


Do your kids have what they need to be successful? Like most parents, you want to see your kids get the grade, win the game, learn the skill, and feel proud of themselves. You often willingly make a lot of sacrifices: sleep, time with friends, and time away from work … Read More

Tips for Developing Confidence in Children


Self-confidence is essential for all aspects of healthy human development, especially in the development of children. Confidence makes children more likely to be resilient and to pursue individuality, and less likely to develop emotional problems later in life. They learn more, achieve more and are generally all around happier in life. … Read More