Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction


Patrick Carnes is the author of Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction. As a therapist, we often utilize his materials to enhance the content of sessions with our clients. Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction is an easy read and a great resource to help explain the addiction cycle for … Read More

How to Revive a Sexless Marriage

Many couples overtime may find themselves in a sexless marriage. There are usually many contributing factors to a sexless marriage that the couple may be unaware of. Some of these factors may include relationship dissatisfaction, medical conditions, exhaustion, busy schedules, boredom or decreased physical attraction. Regardless of the reasons that’s … Read More

Talking with Your Child about Sex


Kids are full of questions and curiosity about the world around them, so every parent knows it is just a matter of time before their child starts asking questions about sexuality and sex. Some parents welcome these questions while other parents dread them; regardless of which category you fall into, the questions will come, so I want to help you prepare yourself.

Sexual addiction and co-dependency

Because of the nature of sexual addiction, the impact on the partners is often deeply felt. There are many co-dependent features seen in treating partners of chemical addicts as there are in treating sex addicts. Codependency refers to a relationship in which one partner is psychologically attached in an unhealthy … Read More

The Sandusky Case and its Painful Ripple Effect

With news of sanctions against Penn State, the statue of Joe Paterno being placed in storage over the weekend, and the FBI report about to be released, the case of Jerry Sandusky continues to reverberate long after the jury has rendered its verdict.  The case has brought to light the … Read More

He likes your body…even if you don’t.

It happens all over America every morning; women wake up and look at themselves in the mirror. They judge their stomachs, stretch marks, and thighs wondering to themselves why their husband or boyfriend still wants to see them naked. Women verbally bash themselves over and over again about the way … Read More

Sexual intimacy is a two party affair

The Bond of Sexual Intimacy: How do partners openly share this bond that means so much to a relationship? Communicating from the beginning, as to what is and what is not acceptable to each is a good start. When one is able to share their feelings about this very important … Read More

Love life or real life?

One can only hope so. As couples face the busyness of life, with its challenges and struggles, so often they fail to make time for intimacy with each other. I hear, well, our schedules just don’t provide the opportunity for it as much as they used to. Or, I’m not … Read More

Censored Relationships

Censored Relationships – Removing the Censor Between Partners Are you able to talk with your partner about your relationship and sex life? If your answer is no,  do not worry, you are not alone.  A lot of times partners find it difficult to talk about their sex lives, even with … Read More

What is Love?

Before I attempt to answer this age old question, I’ll start by first telling you what love is not: love is not the butterflies in our stomachs, the goosebumps when skin touches skin, the long day dreams and feelings of “walking on air.” It is not the racing heart, the … Read More