Ease the Back to School Butterflies


As summer comes to an end, you may notice your kids are asking more questions about going back to school and may even have some butterflies about all the upcoming changes. Kids may feel worried about having a new teacher, finding friends to sit with at lunch, or even if … Read More

Music and Influence: “Boomerang” by Jojo Siwa


It can be difficult to find positive messages and role models for kids today. They’re bombarded by social media and celebrities, so it is refreshing to find someone in their peer group creating catchy music and videos that also send a message of inclusion, acceptance, and self-confidence. Check out the … Read More

The Power of Play


Kids look like small adults. At times, they may even sound like mini grownups–especially when they get a little sassy or parrot back a parents’ own words to them. External resemblance aside, kids process things much differently from adults. Kids’ brains haven’t matured to the same place that an adult … Read More

Divorce 911: Normalize Your Emotions


Recently, GROW Counseling and Dr. Wendy Dickinson partnered with Divorce 911 to create a few short videos addressing common themes in divorce. In this video, they discuss the topic of “normalizing” your emotions.

What exactly is adolescence?


For many parents, understanding a bit about their teenager’s brain development can be helpful in navigating the sometimes difficult adolescent years. But first, what exactly are the adolescent years? What does the term “adolescence” even mean? Researchers and scientists have had a pretty difficult time coming to a consensus definition. … Read More

Setting Boundaries in the Teen years

Parenting is a tough job! Each phase of kids growing up comes with its own set of new joys and new struggles. The teen years can be particularly trying, as teens test out different identities, explore newfound privileges and independence, and parents try to adjust to their child getting older … Read More

Teaching Children to Play with Context and Purpose


Bob Clagett focuses on creating context and purpose for your children as they play in his TEDx Talk in the Creative Coast 2013. Bob Clagett is a maker. He likes to make stuff—so much so, that his website is www.iliketomakestuff.com. Clagett use the label “stuff” because his interests cover a wide range: music, MDF, personal records in marathons, restoring vintage Vespas, user interface, computers, and children. He is a maker from the moment he wakes up to the moment he closes his eyes.

Postpartum Anxiety: The Hidden Disorder

Most people have heard of postpartum depression, a common illness that affects about 15% of new mothers. This isn’t the only mood disorder women can experience after giving birth, though. According to Postpartum Support International, about 10% of new moms have postpartum anxiety and about 5% struggle with postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder.