Infertility – One Woman’s Experience

If you are struggling with pregnancy-related issues, do you ever wonder what happened to your wonderful life? What happened to the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky “you” that enjoyed life before you found out you couldn’t get pregnant? I always assumed, like most other women, that I would find the love of my life, get married and have several children without any trouble. Nobody ever plans on not being able to become a mother when one is ready.

Graveside Grieving

I remember scene from the movie Shenandoah where James Stewart visits the grave of his wife and talks aloud, recalling all events that have taken place in the previous weeks and months.  It is a poignant visual of the potential healing power of visiting a loved one’s grave.  This year … Read More

Cycles of life

Isn’t it amazing how fast we see our life go by? It’s often referred to as “the cycle of life.” We can see it very clearly in those around us who have been on this earth for many years. How do you envision yourself handling the time when your parents … Read More

How Do I Approach Someone Who Might Have an Eating Disorder?

Be patient – eating disorders can be long-term problems Be aware that an eating disorder is an attempted solution to a problem Convey your concerns about the person’s health and function, and avoid focusing on he person’s weight or body size. Speak of your own experience or witnessing of warning … Read More

Computer and Video Games

Are you familiar with the term “Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG’s) or First Person Shooter (FPS)? Maybe you are too familiar with these terms. Have you let your work performance or school performance slip in the last few months?  Is all that you think about, when you are … Read More