Emotion-Coaching Parents: Part 4


In The Science of Trust (2011), Dr. John Gottman identified two different types of parents: “emotion-coaching” parents and “emotion-dismissing” parents. This is the fourth blog of a four-part series, and instead of looking at what it means to be an emotion-coaching parent, this last one will address emotion-coaching your significant … Read More

Trust Part 3: Indicators of the Trait


Trust is essential but, all too often, a rare commodity in many relationships. In previous blogs, we’ve discussed various impediments to trust, the frequent difficulty recognizing them, and ways to recognize some common substitutes. Recognizing things that undermine trust is incredibly helpful, but knowing what doesn’t work is only part … Read More

Emotion-Coaching Parents: Part 3


In The Science of Trust (2011), Dr. John Gottman identified two different types of parents: “emotion-coaching” parents and “emotion-dismissing” parents. Read Part 1 for the hallmarks of emotion-coaching versus emotion-dismissing parents. So, you want your children to have the best shot at emotional intelligence and emotional resilience. You want them … Read More

X-Plan: The Power of Preemptive Conversation


This blog post about the X-plan has been making the rounds on social media recently. My wife heard about it on the radio. Apparently, they talked about it on The Today Show as well. Parents have had several different responses. Like any good tool, one size does not fit all. … Read More

Successful Kids All Share This One Trait


Do your kids have what they need to be successful? Like most parents, you want to see your kids get the grade, win the game, learn the skill, and feel proud of themselves. You often willingly make a lot of sacrifices: sleep, time with friends, and time away from work … Read More

Teenagers Today Face A Lot of Pressure


Teenagers today face a great deal of pressure. Adolescence in and of itself can be a difficult time, but today’s teens face unique challenges that older generations have not had to experience. Teens are facing incredible pressure about school, their future, and especially where they fit in socially. Clinicians are … Read More

Helping Your Children After a Divorce


Divorce introduces a tremendous change in the life of a child. For most children, divorce will be the first major crisis of their lives. It turns a child’s life upside down. How, and to what extent this happens, varies among different families. Young children may not be old enough to fully … Read More

Leaking is a Toxic Behavior Parents should Avoid: Part 2


As I stated in part 1 of this blog, leaking can have a negative impact on your children’s mental and emotional health. As parents experience the pain, anger, confusion and grief that typically accompany a divorce, children are also experiencing many of those same emotions. Divorce can increase a child’s … Read More

School and Mental Health: When Parents need to Take Charge


According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five school children in the United States suffers in their mental health: anxiety, difficulty focusing and social challenges. As NPR has been reporting in their Mental Health in School series, many schools don’t have the resources to meet their … Read More

Motivation Through the End of the Year


As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, you and your kids may start to look forward to summer and lose motivation to keep focused on schoolwork and the routine of day-to-day life. Here are a few tips to get your family through the home stretch! Make time … Read More