Be Your Own Best Friend

The next time you’re struggling with an issue and feeling really low, try speaking to yourself the same way you would speak to your best friend.

Is Contempt Wrecking Your Relationship?

Contempt happens when we take a stance of superiority over our partner. While contempt can be clearly delivered in a direct verbal message of superiority, it is often delivered non-verbally.

Enneagram – Part 1: What is it?

We’ll continue through this series in the weeks ahead to explore each type and ways that the Enneagram can benefit your work in the counseling room.

Rehabilitation Counseling Explained- Part 2

Rehabilitation counselors provide an additional asset when a part of a multidisciplinary team, bringing specialized skills for working with individuals goals as it relates to their independence and community engagement.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Naming a feeling is a very helpful tool in the counseling world. A simple question around the picture can put words and clarity to abstract attitudes and emotions one might be experiencing in these uncertain times.