Are Trauma Triggers Hijacking your Brain?


Have you ever been accused of overreacting? The cause may be your reaction to a trauma trigger. Triggers are memories, behaviors, thoughts, and situations that escalate emotional reaction. When you are in this highly emotional state, you lose the ability to make rational decisions. For some, it can result in … Read More

The Aftermath of Trauma: Helping Children Cope


Witnesses to a violent or traumatic event are considered “secondary victims.” When the “secondary victim” is a child, parents and other caregivers are often unsure of how to respond to the effects of trauma. It is essential for children to be able to talk about their feelings and attempt to … Read More

Dangers of Victim Blaming


Victim blaming is a phenomenon that occurs when the victim of an illegal or unjust act is wholly or partially held responsible for what happened to them. This phenomenon occurs all the time, and it is very damaging not just to the victim but to our society. So why is … Read More

Is Psychotherapy Good For Business?


Can psychotherapy be good for business? According to the World Health Organization, the answer is yes. And the financial upside is higher than you might think. It is no secret that mental illness is becoming an epidemic. According to the WHO, more than 300 million people are currently living with … Read More

EMDR Therapy and Trauma


Treating trauma can be difficult. There is emotional distress that needs to be addressed, as well as the effects of trauma on the body and nervous system. One of the evidenced-based interventions effective for transforming trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). When we experience a traumatic event, we … Read More

Recognizing Trauma


The American Psychological Association defines trauma as the emotional response someone has to an extremely negative event. It is also possible to suffer trauma when you are not the victim, but a witness. For some, the effects can be so severe that they interfere with the ability to live a … Read More

Have I Experienced Trauma?


Any experience that is less than nurturing and causes you to change your perception of yourself, others and the world can be defined as trauma. The truth is we all have experiences in life that affect us negatively and cause us to suffer.  The second truth is we are often … Read More