Sadé Ferrier
Specializations - Affair Recovery, Communication Issues, Sex Therapy/Intimacy Issues, Premarital, Sexual trauma

In an “intimacy and relationships” undergraduate class at the University of Georgia, Sadé (pronounced shah-day) first realized that she wanted to specifically help individuals and couples experiencing relationship and intimacy issues. She fell in love with her therapeutic career while attending Lee University for her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, then returned to the metro Atlanta area to pursue in-depth training in sex therapy while practicing therapy exclusively with relational and sexual issues. 

In its simplest essence, Sadé ‘sapproach as a therapist is to help her clients discover their version of multidimensional intimacy: to be fully seen, fully known, and fully loved. Her treatment approach draws from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Neurolingistic Programming, attachment theory, and a systemic model (meaning that multiple factors in an individual’s life – family, work, physical and mental wellness, spirituality, social functioning, etc – contribute to their distress). For trauma, affair recovery and sex therapy, Sadé relies on the latest evidence-based models to address the complexity of her clients’ needs. Her clients often begin therapy due to anxiety, recent infidelity, vaginismus, mismatched desire/libido, or poor communication in their relationships.

Above all, Sadé emphasizes that her clients feel a sense of self-advocacy in the therapeutic space that carries out into their relationships and everyday lives. You’ll find that a sense of laughter, gentleness, and challenging you to stretch out of your comfort zone into new growth and a fuller version of your relationship.

Sadé is a first generation Jamaican-American and speaks fluent Spanish. She absolutely loves fried plantain and shrimp tacos and enjoys spending her free time introverting with close friends, traveling, or dancing bachata.