Thanksgiving as a Single Person


Imagine a large dining room table full of food, family, and maybe an animal or two trying to locate the best time to attack the turkey that is sitting way too close to the edge. One would think that this scenario is what most people will experience this Thanksgiving. However, what about the single people? Maybe you have moved to a new city and are unable to return home. Maybe you are the sole survivor of your nuclear family.

This holiday season, stop and think about some of your family traditions. What part of those traditions can you carry on by yourself or with your friends that you are going to hang out with over this holiday season? Are there any traditional food items or decorating themes you would like to keep going in your life?

Traditions are important to carry on. Try and remember that recipe of squash casserole or take some time to make some hand turkeys that you used to make when you were a child. Maybe even try something new that could turn into a new Thanksgiving tradition.


Adam Glendye LAPC