The Key to Happy (and Healthy) Teens!

I’m sure some of you are thinking this post is “too good to be true” and if it isn’t, then you’re expecting me to outline a magic trick. No magic trick here—only a way you are tweak your everyday routine in order to cater to your teens healthiness and happiness. Research has shown that scheduling 3 family meals a week can help ward off eating disorders, obesity, and inadequate nutrition in teens. You may be thinking, that is easier said than done. Take advantage of the care-free, summer schedule and deem Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (or whatever days work for your family) as “Family Meal Nights”. An advantage to setting up this schedule now, is that when the fall rolls around and the school schedule gets into place, your family has gotten used to blocking off Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for dinner. Make Family Meal Nights into a teamwork activity—ask what vegetables the children want, let them go grocery shopping with you, and give them ways they can help at dinner time (i.e. setting the table). Meal nights with the family can open up communication, allowing your teen to share their life with you—something they actually want to do!

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Cara Engle, LAPC