These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

We all have our favorite things; pizza, cars, baseball, books, exercise, etc. Often times we get immersed in so many of our favorites that we lose connection with why they are our favorites. We can even forget that those items or people are our favorites. 

Imagine, for a minute, that you have your two favorite food items in your hands.  In your left hand you have your favorite spicy Thai dish. In your right hand you have a sweet ice cream sundae.  Imagine you were to take a taste of the Thai food and immediately follow that bite with the dessert. In theory, this would be amazing. However, the reality is that the two favorite foods together would not be fulfilling, and it would probably taste awful.

Much like our favorite foods, we can look at our relationships, our career hopes, and our life goals in the same way that we just looked at the Thai food and the ice cream sundae.   

Are you focused on one item at a time or are you busy multi-tasking? Are you not stopping to enjoy each bite or even each course before you move onto the next item?

So, determine which course is most important and focus completely on that one item.

When you have your focus on one of the items at hand, you can be fulfilled before you move onto the other tasks.

Written by: Dr. Wendy Dickinson